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High Definition SPY Video Hidden Camera Watch

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High Definition SPY Video Hidden Camera Watch

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Product Code: SESC0002

This product comes with two microphone caps. A normal one for audio use and a second waterproof.


Rugged, covert, and waterproof... captures video / Photo as well as you capture rogue and enemy agents!

Devilish Design: It looks like a perfectly normal high and luxury watch. But there's more than meets the eye with This watch. Direct your attention just below the numeral 6. There you'll find ingeniously camouflaged against a matte black background, a powerful yet tiny videocamera lens which lets you capture secret surveillance audio and video with the press of a button.

Easy To Use: This watch featuring with one button record and comes with 4GB internal flash memory for hours of high quality AVI format video footage. To view your recordings, simply connect The Watch to your PC or laptop with the USB included then drag the files from the watch to your desktop. Because the videos are in AVI format (the most popular video format on the Internet) pretty well all types of players including Videolan will be able to run it no problem.

So much more...:

Video recording and capture photo... This watch isn't just great looking, it's great functioning to take videos of your kids swimming or take videos of their gorgeous swim instructor for example. Take video class notes or video the professor getting down and dirty with Mary Ann for example. The possibilities for fun and functionality are endless!

Sound Recorder... This watch also able to us as a sound / voice recorder alone..

PC Camera... By Installing the pc camera driver, you can use this watch as a web cam.

Storage... You can use this like a pendrive to store your data... so, it is convenient and not need to carry additional pendrive.. wow..


At a Glance...

Undetectable pinhole lens (for Video and Photo).
Attractive stylis design.
Waterproof Watch.
8GB USB flash drive.
Use as PC Camera.
Use as a sound recorder.
Works as a regular watch too.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Primary function: Spy Waterproof Camera Watch.
OS Support: Windows XP/Vista (32 bit), 7, Mac OS 10.4, Linux.
Color: Black.
Internal Memory: 16GB.
White Balance: Auto.
Time/Date Stamp: Yes.
Frames per Second: 30FPS.
Photo Resolution: 1280 x 960.
Video Resolution:640 x 480.
Sound sampling rate: 188 kbps.
Picture Format: JPEG.
Video Format: AVI.
Sound record Format: WAV.
Built-in MIC: Yes.
Power Source: Built in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Recharge directly from USB port).
Battery Use Time for Capturing Video: ~ 2 hours.
Adjustable Band: 200mm.

Product Notes:
Waterproof Watch.
Perfect accessory for whatever you're wearing.
High Grade Stainless Steel.
To be a PC Camera.
To be a video camcorder.
To be a sound recorder.
To be a storage with its 8GB built IN.
This product comes with two microphone caps. A normal one for audio use and a second waterproof.
one for underwater use. Using the normal cap underwater will expose the insides of the watch to water.

Operating :
A. ON/OFF: Press on/off button for 2 seconds to start the device. It gets into the standby mode (BLUE LED). Meanwhile the blue light indicator is on.

b. Take photo: In the standby mode, Press the Photo button for 1 second. One flashing blue light indicates that the device completes the photo taking and file saving job. Then it returns to the standby mode.
Note: Make sure there is adequate light in the surrounding and the camera is not blocked by other items. Keep the camera upright and stable. And the object should be more than 50cm from the camera.

c. Record video: In the standby mode , long press video button 2 seconds, the red light flashes 3 times and now it is recording (no light).. To stop the recording, short press photo button twice, the recording will stop and saved. Now LED in blue standby mode. Press the ON / OFF for 3 second.. red LED will blink 3 times will OFF the device.

d. Record sound: In the standby mode, Long press photo/Sound Button for 3 second, the RED LED blink 3 times, now it is in recording. To stop the sound recording, just short press once the Photo/sound button, files will saved and watch go to standby mode again (Blue LED).

e. PC camera: Plug the watch with USB cable to computer (computer detect the flash drive). Now Press ON/OFF button, The watch will change to PC camera mode (driver installation started for the first time use). In this mode, your camera can be used as a PC camera, with your friends online video chat, take photos, and so on.
Note: According to the computer system configuration or difference, the computer may not detect a camera function by once, if the computer can not enter the camera function, but into a Udisk. Please remove the camera and connect the camera to the computer again; If you are the first time to use the PC camera function on your computer, please install the drivers on the CD or dealers provided. Please connect the data cable to the device at first, then connect the other side to the Computer.

f.Connect the computer: In standby or OFF mode, you can connect the device with the computer. The computer will pop up a removable disk logo. There is an image file directory for: * Disk _REC \ 100MEDIA. During video recorder and computer transfer data, the blue light flashes rapidly. For the disconnection, please click ‘SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE’ on the right bottom corner of the task bar. Then click to stop the ‘USB mass storage device’. Unplug the USB. The disconnection completes.
Note: According to the computer or system configuration, there will be slight difference for the time of identifying removable disk. Please be patient. During this period, please do not press the button to avoid the bad impact of computer hardware. If the computer does not identify the removable disk long time, disconnect and reconnect the device. If the computer is unable to identify the hardware yet, make sure your operating system, driver and USB cable are all in normal condition. Please make sure to disconnect the device in accordance with the normal process to avoid the possible damage for computer and recorder.

g.Charge: Connect to computer USB interface or charger. During the charging, the red light flashes slowly. When the battery is fully recharged, the red light stops flashing.
Note: The recorder is with built-in high-capacity lithium polymer battery. The battery is with no memory effect. It can be used and charged at anytime. But for the initial five times of charging, please charge battery to saturation after the battery runs out. It is to activate the battery maximum capacity and maintain the standard working time.

h. Change Time: To set the time on the photo/video, just open a text file (notepad), Type time according this format: 2011-09-21 18:00:36 in the notepad and save as time.txt in watch memory (root directory / most outside). Then plug out the USB. Now time is set.

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